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Renters Insurance

As a property owner, renting properties can be very lucrative, but it requires adequate maintenance and insurance. There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed, and insurance policies that are required to keep your properties and tenants safe. In West Virginia, there are specialized requirements to stay in compliance with state and local officials to avoid fines. Getting advice from an independent agency like Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you understand which policies are required and answer any questions you may have.

Landlord insurance is very important, as it usually covers the rental property, additional structures, and any personal property you have that is on-site or used by your tenants. In addition to having landlord insurance, getting a dwelling fire policy addendum is imperative. Why? This policy covers smoke damage, fire and wind damage, but may be extended to include vandalism and explosions, depending on the coverage included within the policy.

Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you customize your policies to meet your specific needs. They assess your property, giving you alternatives that will work within your budget for valued protection. Our agents can give you solutions that will keep your property protected with your best interests in mind.

Don’t put your rental properties in harm’s way! Having adequate insurance that will replace and restore your assets and belongings in the event of a disaster is worth the time and effort spent in finding a policy that works for you. Contact an agent at Fenton Insurance & Associates to see how they can help you be proactive in protecting your investment and stay on the right side of the law! In West Virginia, you’ve found the very best!