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Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle can be an exciting vehicle, but that does not mean you can overlook insurance in West Virginia. Although the use of the vehicle is similar to a car, the coverage that you need for a motorcycle is very different from the protection you need for a car. An independent agency like Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you identify the protection that you need so that you can avoid high-cost medical bills or liability costs if you get into an accident.

Minimum Standards

The state standards offer a place to state when you are looking for a policy; however, the minimum requirements in West Virginia focus on the liability risks. You are required to purchase liability coverage, but you may want to purchase additional protection if you feel that the basic policy is too limited.

In many cases, the standards of the state are not appropriate for your concerns. An agent can explain the details so that you can determine if you want to add to the policy. You can purchase additional liability protection and a comprehensive plan may help pay for damages to a personal motorcycle if an accident occurs.

Risks and Coverage

Unlike a car, a motorcycle has a higher risk of injury if you get into an accident. Although protective gear can help reduce the risks, you should always consider an insurance policy that will help pay for damages or problems that may arise. As your independent agent, we recommend that you purchase a policy that helps pay for financial risks if an accident occurs.

Insurance for a motorcycle is very different than the coverage that you need for a car, so you should always compare your options and make sure that the policy addresses your personal concerns. To learn more about your options, call us to speak to an agent today.