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Life Insurance

Concerns about the risk of passing away can be hard to evaluate, but it is also important when you want to keep your loved ones safe from financial strife. A life insurance policy in West Virginia can provide the assurance and peace of mind that your loved ones will have time to grieve if an accident occurs, but the best plan for your situation and budget may vary. An independent agency like Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you find the right policy because an agent is always available to answer your questions or explain the details when you are comparing the policies.

Types of Policies

A key reason that life insurance can be complicated is related to the policy options. In general, you can purchase a term-life or a whole-life policy. There are also guaranteed policies and universal-life plans, but they are similar to a whole-life plan and have similar benefits.

Term-life policies are a good choice if you are young and want to address concerns associated with a young family. It is usually more affordable for the coverage that you may want, but you should be aware of the term. The policy must be renewed after the term expires.

Whole-life policies will not expire, but usually cost more on a monthly basis. They also have additional benefits, like investment opportunities.

Finding a Plan

Compare several policies and quotes before you assume that a plan is appropriate. You want to evaluate the coverage, the premium and the situations that will prevent a loved one from obtaining the benefits so that you can feel confident that the policy is appropriate.

Life coverage can be an important part of feeling confident that your loved ones will not face financial strife if you pass away. To learn more about your options, contact us to speak to an agent today.