Instant quote Insurance Barboursville, WV

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

When you own a boat in West Virginia, purchasing an insurance policy can help prevent high-cost bills after an accident or when damages to the boat require repairs. The best policy for your goals can depend on how you intend to use your boat, but an independent agency like Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you find the policies that are appropriate for your goals.

Coverage and Requirements

In the state of West Virginia, you are not required to purchase boat insurance or watercraft coverage when you register a boat; however, it is usually a good idea to protect against common threats that may arise. Generally, a policy will offer some liability protection in case a guest is injured or you get into an accident on the water. You may also want to obtain a policy that will protect against oil spills, damages to your boat from a storm or similar problems that may arise.

The coverage that you want will depend on your concerns. An agent can explain the options and make recommendations if you are not sure about the policies.

Comparing Quotes

Along with the ability to purchase a policy that is appropriate for your goals, an independent agency like Fenton Insurance & Associates allows you to compare several quotes from the top insurance providers in the state. Agents are available at any time to address your concerns and answer questions, so you will not need to wait for an agent to explain your options.

Watercraft insurance can provide the peace of mind that your boat is protected when you are out on the water. Even though it is not required, as your independent agent we recommend that you purchase a policy. To learn more about the options that are available, call to talk to an agent today.