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West Virginia isn't unusual: Like in all 50 states, West Virginia law requires that drivers first take out an acceptable auto insurance policy before they hit the highways or side streets of this state.

This makes sense: An auto insurance policy protects drivers. If you should cause a serious accident, your auto insurance policy will provide you with the financial protection to repair or replace your vehicle and cover any damages that you caused to another driver.

The bad news? Auto insurance can be expensive. And no one enjoys shopping for the best policy at the best rate.

Fortunately, we at Fenton Insurance & Associates offer our own online rate-shopping tool to eliminate the hassle of shopping for insurance coverage. With this tool, you can enter the basic information about yourself and your vehicle. In seconds, live insurance quotes from providers serving West Virginia will pop onto your computer screen.

You can then study these quotes to find the auto insurance policy that best fits both your budget and your coverage needs. Once you do, call us, and we'll help connect you to the right policy.

We are an independent insurance agency. This means that we are tied to just one company's brand of insurance. Instead, we work with a wide variety of insurance providers. Thanks to this, we can offer you a large number of policies from which to choose. This increases your odds of finding an affordable policy that will make you legal to drive West Virginia's roads.

Shopping for insurance coverage used to be a hassle. Consumers had to call individual insurance agencies, provide their information by phone and wait for their quotes. The process could ruin an entire day. That's no longer the case, thanks to online insurance shopping. Finding the perfect policy today can instead take a matter of minutes.

So give our online comparison tool a try. Then call us to connect with the perfect insurance policy for your needs.