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Located in Barboursville West Virginia along US Route 60, Fenton Insurance & Associates can help you with your insurance needs with many ways to do business.   You can get a quote from our online quoting tool located to the left, call us at (304) 733-3300, or email us information at 

If you want to drive or take out a mortgage loan in West Virginia, you'll need insurance. Motorists aren't allowed by law to drive West Virginia's roadways if they don't have the proper auto insurance coverage. And mortgage lenders here won't lend you home-loan dollars if you don't first provide proof that you've taken out a home insurance policy.

No one likes paying or shopping for these insurance policies. But they are a necessity. And even if they weren't required, you'd want the protection they offer. Homeowners insurance will help you rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed, and help you replace your valuables if a burglar should steal your electronics, jewelry or clothing.

Auto insurance will protect you financially if you cause an accident, and can help you replace or repair a damaged vehicle. It might also help cover any medical costs you incur after an accident.

There was a time, though, when shopping for home and auto insurance was a hassle. You'd have to call individual insurance agents and ask for quotes. It was a process that could take a full day or longer.

Fortunately, that has changed. You can work with an independent insurance agency like us, Fenton Insurance & Associates. We work with insurance providers across West Virginia. This means that we can find you the most affordable insurance protection. We can also help you find the insurance policy that will provide you the most effective coverage.

We even offer our own online rate-shopping tool. With this tool, you can quickly pull up live quotes from the biggest names in the auto and home insurance industries. You can then compare these quotes to find the best protection at the most affordable price.

Yes, no one enjoys having to buy insurance. But by working with us and our online rate-shopping tool, you'll find the shopping experience to be far less of a hassle.

Auto Insurance Auto Insurance

West Virginia isn't unusual: Like in all 50 states, West Virginia law requires that drivers first take out an acceptable auto insurance policy before they hit the highways or side streets of this state.This makes sense: An auto insurance policy protects drivers. If you should cause a serious accident, your auto insurance policy will provide you with the financial protection to repair or replace your vehicle and cover any damages that you caused to another driver. READ MORE

House Insurance Home Insurance

Your home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. If this important asset is not properly insured, a single incident could result in catastrophic financial loss. In addition, if your home secures a mortgage, home insurance may even be required by your lender. For these reasons, carrying the proper amount of home insurance is essential. READ MORE

Commercial Insurance Commercial Insurance

Owning a business in West Virginia can provide new opportunities to gain success and build up the community. When you are evaluating the needs and requirements of your business, it can help to purchase appropriate insurance to protect your company from common risks and complications. READ MORE